21 December 2010

Beardenzia: A Brief History

It is only appropriate that the first Blog should give you a brief history of how this wonderful land of Beardenzia came to be. While Beardenzia has been existence since oh “Well before you were born”, it’s re-discovery happened a little under a year ago.

The following is a Historical account of what we think happen, while historians dis-agree on some of the details the major themes are agreed to be accurate.

2009 B.C. Earth,

The world at this time is divided into three warring Countries or Clans. The Waters Clan, Sloss Clan and Kennedy Clan.

The Waters Clan was known mainly for their crimson red facial hair and their ferocious lion riding cavalry. At the time they controlled the majority of what is now Europe, and some of the Middle East. Their leader was Travis “Red Beard” Waters. Red Beard was known for his thick red facial hair which he used to his full advantage in combat; his beard was so thick they said it would stop a crossbow’s arrow or the brunt force of the heaviest of battle axes. His lion, Dietrich, was said to be the most ferocious of any four legged beast. Lord Waters brutal efficiency on the battle field was matched only by his strategic intellect.

The Kennedy Clan was known for its thick black facial hair and for their ability to use bears (often independent of riders) in battle. At the time the Kennedy clan controlled most of what is now known as Russia, China, Mongolia, and some of the Middle East. They were also making a push into North America via (what is now) Alaska. Their leader was Ryan “Black Bear” or “Shogun” Kennedy. Kennedy was known for riding a chariot pulled by three black bears into combat, and was even said to have destroyed a legion of enemy combat troops single handedly. Kennedy’s combat tactics earned him the title of “Shogun” when he conquered what is now Japan.

The Sloss clan was known for their extraordinary social skills. They were able to recruit entire civilizations into through the use of diplomacy and assimilation. At the time, they controlled Australia, Southeast Asia, the majority of North America, all of South America and eastern Africa. Their leader, Kaci “The Socializer” Sloss, was known for her profound diplomatic skills. She was known mostly for her charm. After her armies plundered a Capital City killing all of the royal family except the Kings son, she was able to charm him into joining her army. (He was later killed in The Great Battle for the Middle East)

For years these three nations warred against each other. Eventually the Kennedy clan blundered by over extended itself making a push into Canada via Alaska. “Black Bear”s armies were spread too thin and “The Socializer” was well fortified and poised to counter attack. “Red Beard” had just lost a significant battle in the Middle East as his armies had not been able to fend off the Sloss clan, and Eastern Europe was at risk of invasion on two fronts. The Sloss clan could come up through Africa and had the potential to attack Eastern Europe if she could win the Middle East. The Sloss clan was poised for one final strike that would end these wars and make “The Socializer” the Queen of the known world.

Sensing their impending doom the Heads of the formerly opposing Kennedy and Waters Clans met to discuss their predicament. Travis and Ryan got a long splendidly and it was decided that an alliance should be made. (Please note: Some Historians believe that Derek son of Bruce founder of the soon to be Highland Beard clan oversaw the meeting.) The alliance was formed, and the decision was made that the Kennedy clan would make a surprise attack on the Sloss clan in the Middle East to give the Waters clan time to re-enforce and launch it’s own counter offensive on the war weary Sloss clan. Many Black Bears, and Kennedy clan members died to give the Waters Clan the upper hand in the Middle east.

The Sloss clan was soon over run as the fronts in Northern Africa, the Middle East, and North America where too much to maintain. Ryan met with Lady Sloss to negotiate the terms of her surrender, and as soon as he laid eyes on her he became enamored, and fell instantly in love. Lady Sloss and Lord Kennedy eventually married, and became the first King and Queen of what is now Beardenzia.

Travis “Red Beard” Waters took mercy on the beleaguered armies of the Kennedy clan and soon united the two clans into what became “Beardenzia”. “Red Beard” also took a wife from a more ancient civilization.

Beardenzia divided in to separate city states, most notably the “Black Bear Clan” (Made up of former members of the Kennedy Clan), “Red Beard Clan” (Former members of the Waters Clan), and “Highlander Beard Clan” (Founded by Sir Derek Martin). They lived in peace and harmony until the end of the age.

Much Love,